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Genealogy Search Australia, the free Australian Genealogy and Family History Search Engine and Directory for the most useful Australian and International family history and ancestry sites. Websites about England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are included as most of our early settlers came from Great Britain.  Extensive lists of convicts, bushrangersships, passenger lists, censuses, cemeteriesgenealogical clubs and societies and family history sites. Search the World for your ancestors. There are links to databases,  archivesshipping recordsimmigrant lists,  genealogical directories and historical indexes.  Use genealogy software to build your family tree. Search for that missing link or list your Family Tree, Personal Page or Genealogical website for free. Choose a category and then click Add URL, or click the Submit Site button. Over  4000 Australian family tree websites are indexed. Search by your surname - you may find a family connection! Read this interesting article about Tips to Organizing your Information for your Family Tree by Paul Duxbury and Kevin Cook . Article Index here.

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Genealogy Search Australia is a free, non commercial family history and genealogy site for the amateur or professional genealogist. Family history or ancestry research can be very rewarding, but time consuming and frustrating. Our objective is to provide researchers with the best family history and genealogy web sites. Not just the popular sites, but those more obscure or hard to find sites that may break down your brick walls. Start with Birth, Death and Marriage certificates. If you are looking for convicts or bushrangers among your ancestors you may find them by searching here. With 100s of passenger lists indexed, the search for how and when your early family arrived in Australia is made much easier. Genealogy Search Australia has also indexed the largest list of cemetery transcriptions. Find the best genealogy software to build your family tree. Enjoy your visit to Genealogy Search Australia. We hope you find what you are looking for - happy hunting!

Do you have an interesting family history article and would you like it published on the internet for free? Or are you just interested in reading about family history? Then visit the Genealogy Search Australia Articles Index where the best genealogy articles are published. If you have an article, submit it for free, and when other web sites pick it up you will benefit through inward links to your site. Web site owners looking for fresh topical content can copy and publish (with acknowledgement) all articles.

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